Chloroprene is made of rubber foamed, and it's pasting of a thin cloth with retractility to the surface. It's used for the wet suit at diving.
Because TASKEL uses the chloroprene, it is excellent in retractility, the waterproof property, and heat insulation.

The high luminance reflection material is attached to TASKEL. It reflects to the light of the car at nighttime and it shines. At night, TASKEL can make the car understand from a long distance of a person's existence. To use TASKEL in a sash, the front, back, left and right are acknowledged from anywhere.

TASKEL is made from the material used because of marine sports. To use the reflection material long, please wash gently without using the detergent by the water of 40 degrees or less and dry it at shade.

At first, it was made at a small factory in Okayama. However, production did not catch up. It is being produced in Taiwan now. Of course, workers in local are also handmade.
It was designed by a propeller manufacturer in Okayama.

Because the belt can adjust length, even the child can use it. Because a soft material is used as for it, it is feelings good to touch. Surely, children might be pleased.
Please use it when not only nighttime but also the view such as the days of the fog and rain is bad. The earlier recognition from the car is, the more the incidence of the accident lowers.

It is read as "TA-SU-KE-RU". "Help(TASUKERU in Japanese)" and "Sash(TASUKI in Japanese)" are shown. It was named from the wish that this name wanted to help everyone's safety.

TASKEL has registered the trademark, and it's currently applying for a patent (Patent application 2006-222870).

TASKEL was made putting years on the knack knack and about two years in two employees of Nakashima propeller company who loved to design every evening. TASKEL was able to sell it as a commodity of IOSDESIGN finally.

The number of sales points increases. We'll up information to TASKEL NEWS.

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